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Custom Training Made Just For Your Practice

Devdent’s on-site training covers helps get your whole team on the same page. Select the type of on-site training your practice needs and the number of days you want to have a Devdent consultant in your practice.

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On-site Training

Medical Billing & Cross Coding

On-site medical billing training brings live implementation training into your practice. Our specialist will look at protocols, patient flows, and review the patient’s health history that you are using. We suggest changes that will improve the medical billing process in your office.  Your entire team will be taught to look for ways that dentistry may affect overall health conditions in your patients.

Before we arrive we ask that you collect patient medical insurance card data for patients that you believe have cases that could be billed to medical. Our consultant will work with your insurance biller to determine the proper diagnosis code sequencing.

*Travel expenses are billed separately.

Your team will learn and perfect the following

On-site Training

Dental Sleep Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine on-site training brings live implementation and training into your practice. Our consultant will start by training your team on the science of sleep and the importance of treating sleep in your practice.  You will be given a step-by-step guide on how to integrate sleep into your practice. Staff roles and assignments will be spelled out so each person knows their part in the process. Our consultant will look at protocols and patient flows and may make suggestions to help implement sleep into your practice.  A review of your current medical history will be completed, and suggestions will be provided to include sleep-related questions that will help in your sleep screening process.

*Travel expenses are billed separately.

Your team will learn and perfect the following

Meet The Educators

And Discover How Dental Sleep Medicine is Helping patients Everywhere

Laurie Owens, CPC, CPB

Director of Medical Billing Education for Devdent

Laurie brings over a decade of experience educating dental practices on billing medical insurance and the techniques to get claims paid. Laurie believes that patients should be able to utilize their medical insurance for procedures due to oral systemic conditions. Through on-site training, medical billing courses, Seattle Study Club lectures, and follow-up consulting, Laurie has assisted dental practices in successfully billing medical insurance to collect benefits that would have otherwise been unclaimed. Her training on medical billing has increased practice revenue and patient satisfaction.

Crystal May

Co-Founder and COO of Devdent

Dr. Magness holds multiple U.S. and international patents and has used this technology to improve the lives of many. Dr. Magness is a professional speaker and educator in dental sleep medicine. He is a general dentist with over 15 years in private practice, 10 of which were focused on dental sleep medicine. Dr. Magness now exclusively treats sleep and utilizes that first-hand experience to improve and simplify the process so others can thrive in the industry.

The Software of Choice for Dental Sleep Medicine

Devdent consultants are certified trainers of the Imagn Software suite. Take advantage of having our team in your office by signing up for Imagn Sleep and streamline dental sleep medicine within your practice. 

What Devdent has done for us

PACE Accredited Course

All of our CE Courses are put through the 13 rigorous standards for identifying high-quality education that the American Academy of General Dentistry has put forward.

Imagn Medical Billing Service

Due to the complex nature of medical insurance billing, most dental offices are not equipped with the knowledge to properly credential national payers, submit successful claims, or handle aging and appeals. Imagn Medical Billing Service performs the proper credentialing and billing for you, which results in fewer denials and time well saved as you rely on expert help.

One-Time Credential Fee

$795/per dentist

The key to more successful payments

Our experts complete the process so you can start billing medical insurance. Each dentist billing medical insurance needs to be credentialed.

Pay Per Case

Verification of Benefit

$35 per vob

We get your patient’s insurance information so you can set proper expectations with the patient regarding the specific coverage available and any out of pocket fees. This is the most critical step in all of medical billing.

Per Authorization

$40 per auth

All procedures require pre-authorization in order for your practice to get paid. Gaining appropriate authorization can be challenging, let our experts get the job done for you.

Claim Submission

8% of successful claim

You don’t have time to sit on hold. Let us sit on hold and handle the claim submission work for you  We also handle the aging and appeals so you can focus on your practice.

Choose Your Software

Imagn Software is your one stop solution with both medical billing and dental sleep medicine capabilities with world-class support

What most dentist don’t know is that medical billing can increase your case acceptance rate and ensure your patients get the care they need.

Imagn Software

$195 /month

No contract and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Our goal is to give you the best experience. But if you are not satisfied then we will give you a full refund for your software access fee within 30 days of purchase.

Add Imagn Sleep Software

$100 /month

Our software provides everything you need

to give your patient’s the sleep care they deserve.

Patients can no longer afford to have dentists ignore the responsibility of providing care for sleep disorders. Two out of every three Americans report poor sleep; the ability to breathe well is the most important factor in determining a person’s sleep quality. 

Imagn Software Set-up Fee

$399 one-time fee

No contract and your satisfaction guaranteed.

Our goal is to give you the best experience. But if you are not satisfied then we will give you a full refund for your software access fee within 30 days of purchase.

Choose Your Monthly Devdent Support Program

In order for you to succeed, we offer a unique range of customer support solutions including coaching, online resources, implementation programming, and so much more. We keep an eye on the ever changing industry trends so you can focus on your practice

Medical Billing Support

$200 /month

The program to get and keep your staff trained.

Dental Sleep Medicine Support

$200 /month

The program to implement Dental Sleep Medicine into your practice.


$345 /month

Get both of the Medical Billing and Dental Sleep Medicine Support programs at a discount.

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